19. bis 21. September 2024 (Tübingen)

2024-09-19 - 2024-09-21

Under the motto »Advancing Psychosomatic Medicine in a challenging world« we will intensively deal with current aspects of diagnostics and treatment of the entire spectrum of psychosomatic diseases. In doing so, we will shed light on the bio-psycho-social factors that are partly responsible for the development, triggering and maintenance of these diseases. As the new partner site of the German Center for Mental Health, we will be working with national and international experts and especially with you as ICPM-members to organize the congress in Tuebingen. When we as a conference team had thought about the topic, there was no attack of Russia on Ukraine yet. It was hardly conceivable that a war at the direct borders of Europe would again roll towards us all with streams of refugees and a global crisis of energy and food supply. Actually, we had just understood that the rapidly developing climate crisis is also becoming a direct threat to a planetary health. So, we will have to deal more intensively with other highly relevant issues without losing sight of the individual patient.

We warmly hope you will find these initiatives interesting.
The ICPM Executive Board

19. – 21. September 2024 (Tübingen)

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