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ISSN: 2567-5745
389 Seiten, Ringbuch, 165 x 240 mm
Erschienen: Januar 2018
ISBN-13: 978-3-8379-2762-7
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Bend into Shape

Techniques for Bioenergetic Therapists

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Bend into Shape is the only complete compilation of both classic and modern Bioenergetic techniques. Bioenergetics is a form of somatic psychotherapy created by Alexander Lowen in 1957 and practiced world-wide. The book covers interventions based on body segments, character type, emotions, and various populations such as couples, children and the elderly. The book considers up to date modern issues such as the relational model, including ways to work with transference and countertransference in psychotherapy. It is designed for students of somatic psychotherapy as well as certified Bioenergetic therapists. The authors are both long-time Bioenergetic therapists and experienced trainers in the field.


Part I: Foundations in Bioenergetic work with Clients
Chapter 1: Ethics
Chapter 2: Energy
Chapter 3: Assessment
Body Reading
Stress Position
Relational Assessment techniques

Part II: Techniques by Character Types
Chapter 4: Schizoid Character Structure
Chapter 5: Oral Character Structure
Chapter 6: Borderline Character Structure
Chapter 7: Narcissist Character Structure
Chapter 8: Masochist Character Structure
Chapter 9: Rigid Character Structure

Part III: Special Considerations
Chapter 10: Special Issues
Chapter 11: Special Populations
Eating Disorders
Medical Conditions and Chronic Pain
Alcohol, Drugs, and Bioenergetics
Children and Bioenergetics

Part IV: Techniques by Other Categories
Chapter 12: Techniques by Body Segments
Chapter 13: Techniques by Emotional Issues


Appendix: Code of Ethics


About the Authors